Recent trends in ubiquitous and pervasive computing, together with new sensor technologies, wireless communication standards, powerful mobile devices and wearable computers strongly support novel information management applications in healthcare. In addition, these technologies also allow making this information ubiquitously available on different types of devices to different types of users (physicians, nurses, or patients), independent of their current location. Both trends together will significantly improve the quality of treatment and care for patients and the elderly. Most importantly, data management, access, and processing in e-Health applications requires highly dependent and reliable infrastructures which can potentially be life-saving.

Work at the Databases and Information Systems Group in the area of e-Health focuses on the following two challenges:

  1. Data Stream Analysis in Sports: Data streams are increasingly collected in personal healhcare / fitness applications. In our work, we consider a workflow-based approach for the analysis of different data streams in sports applications.
  2. Dynamic Adaptation of Processes in Healthcare: Processes in healthcare are characterized by a large number of variations. Usually, these variations are not known in advance but are determined dynamically, based on the individual treatment of patients. Other reasons for dynamic adaptations are changes in the context of (mobile) users (physician, medical staff, etc.). In our work, we have developed a framework for such dynamic adaptations of processes in healthcare, with special focus on processes running on mobile devices.
  3. Reliable Data Stream Management: If we consider our aging society, the amount of elderly people suffering from one or more chronic diseases is increasing. Telemonitoring applications in home care enable healthcare institutions to take care of their patients while they are out of hospital. This requires support for processing continuous streams of data, coming from physiological sensors or sensors in the home environment of patients.


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